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Interference From New FM Stations

If you are having interference from any new broadcaster in the Kiowa area please contact the FCC ASAP. Your Cable TV, your church PA system, your home TV/DVR/ FM Radio, your Wi-Fi wireless broadband, your alarm system, your business band or ham radio may all be having interference. All these stations must meet both the interference rules and the human exposure to RF energy from their site.

  • http://www.fcc.gov/eb/broadcast/interference.html
  • Complaints of violations of the Commission's rules that involve an immediate threat to the safety of a member of the public or an occupational worker should be referred to the Communications and Crisis Management Center (CCMC) at (202) 418-1122 Hours (24/7).
  • Complaints must be in writing and must include as much of the following information as possible: (1) the call sign and address of the station experiencing the interference, (2) the telephone number of a contact person for the station, (3) the frequency on which the complaining station operates; (4) a detailed description of the nature of the interference, including the duration and frequency of the occurrence of interference; (5) the call sign and address of the station believed to be the source of the interference; (6) the frequency on which the alleged interfering station operates; (7) the provision of the Communications Act, Commission rule, order or station authorization believed to have been violated by the alleged source of the interference, and (8) any documentation supporting the alleged existence and cause of the interference.



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